Upcoming updates to the Hopflow iPhone app
Hi all we wanted to share with you what we're working on. we got lots of great feedback and we're working hard to integrate your suggestions.

1. the most requested feature is more control over adding and removing topics / people / blogs. we're happy to share that it's coming to the next version of the iPhone app coming next week.

2. comments and interaction where also added to the upcoming iPhone app

3. lots of bug fixes, like landscape video playback etc..

grab the current version to start hopping:

thanks for your feedback, feel free to share your thoughts !

happy hopping
Realtime vs Interesting vs Trending
Hopped on July 16, 2012 by Hopflow
Simplicity is the most important thing to us on the Hopflow project, our goal is to provide a simple and beautiful way for you to connect with stories and people you find interesting. Hopflow’s core is realtime, your flow is constantly updated with new hops which are relevant to you based on your Hopflow activity.

Realtime is fun and addictive but it has flaws, sometimes the most recent hops are not the most interesting or relevant. Twitter and RSS feeds are sorted by time, Facebook by default is sorted by top and you can manually select realtime view.

Hopflow up until today used the first approach only, your flow was sorted by time, but we decided to try something smarter, instead of choosing one way or the other we now try to combine both approaches and to automagically display a flow which matches your Hopflow consumption habits. If you use Hopflow regularly nothing changes you’ll still get your realtime flow, but if you check Hopflow once in a while, then your flow will start with a smart combination of hops you might have missed sorted by relevancy and engagement and as you continue realtime will kick in.

Hope you find this change useful, please share your thoughts

Happy Hopping
the iPad just started hopping
Hopped on July 8, 2012 by Hopflow
Since we started the hopflow project, one of the most requested "features" was an iPad app. Well, we're exited to share with you that now you can enjoy your Hopflow on your iPad.

Hopflow is designed to be a simple and fast way to stay connected with the stories and people you find interesting. Hopflow for iPhone is the most simple way to discover and share on the go. Now with Hopflow for iPad you can take your time and enjoy your flow in it's full glory.

With the "read later" feature you can mark hops on your iPhone and then when you have the time you can explore marked hops on your iPad.

Start hopping on your iPad:
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Hacking Hopflow for iPad
by far the most requested feature for hopflow is coming soon :)
Major Hopflow app update
Hopped on May 22, 2012 by Hopflow
The new Hopflow iPhone app is out with major improvements based on your feedback.

Hopflow's mission is to help you connect, discover and share the things you love, the new iPhone app takes us one step closer to that vision.

For your Flow to be interesting and relevant we added the 'Like' button so you can easily choose Hops you like and Hopflow will automatically do everything else, no more following, noise and poor discovery. It's all about the things you love.

Connecting with like-minded people is fun, use the 'Rehop' button to comment, re-share and engage in conversations with like-minded people outside of your social circle.
Hopflow is a unique network, people don't need to follow you, every post you create on hopflow will be automatically distributed to relevant people on the Hopflow network and your current social networks. Now you can create posts on the things you find interesting right from your iPhone, just tap the '+' button on the lower left corner and create a post, any kind of post, text, photo (with effects), multiple photos, you choose.

Happy Hopping!